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Welcome to Cideals.com. A business located in Jersey and providing a service to residents in both Jersey and Guernsey. Ci deals operates under the trading name of A.T.C. Cideals.com and is registered with the Jersey financial services commission. The business operates as a group buying and selling website, which has links with third party retailers and businesses to provide the best possible value for money deals. We aim to provide all registered users with a secure account and access to all of our website features.

Please read these Website General Terms of Use carefully before using this website. Using the Site indicates that you accept these General Terms. If you do not accept these General Terms, then please do not use the Site. If we make changes to these General Terms, we will post the revised document here with an updated effective date. If we make significant changes to these General Terms, we may also notify you by other means such as sending an email or posting a notice on our home page. Deals listed through our website are mostly sourced from local businesses or third party retailers, Cideals holds no authority over these third party providers, any transaction made between you as the customer/website user and us as in Cideals is strictly limited to the payment processing transaction, the deal itself will be subject to terms and conditions from the local service provider or retailer. We make sure our customers are looked after but we take no responsibility for any loss of income,injury,financial loss, business expense, legal expense, it is your own responsibility to contact any of the deals providers to make sure you are familiar with there terms and conditions and that you comply with them before you purchase any deal associated with the website. Cideals has the authority to have access to your account details which you provided when you signed up, and has the authority to close an account for any reason we deem necessary. This may be due to website misuse, slander or false advertising. We make sure all transactions made are through a secure server, we have a third party payment gateway and merchant account, they have a high level of security, we have provided an SSL certificate for our website and do and will continue to do everything in our power to make sure your card details are 100% secure. If for any reason the payment gateways serviced becomes compromised Cideals holds no responsibility on what we cannot control this will include any financial loss, legal expenses or time spent. We take security very seriously and invest allot of time making sure our website has the highest level of security available to online purchasing. To register you must enter your name and email address on the website. By registering you are confirming that you are over eighteen years old and that you will abide by these Terms and Conditions, privacy policy and cookies policy, During the registration process  you will be asked for information so that an account can be created for your own personal use. You must ensure that the personal information in your account is correct at all times, this information is specific to your own account, any loss of income due to incorrect details will be your sole responsibility, details can be updated whenever necessary through your account at the top of our webpage. The Site displays information regarding the discounted supply of goods and services we provide the service allowing you to purchase these deals listed on behalf of third party’s. We do not give your personal information to third parties, we only give details of your name in response to show who has brought a deal. Please refer to the privacy policy for more details. After confirmation of payment, a contract is established between you and The website for the voucher process of the deal whereas the contract in relation to the supply of the service or deal is between you and the third party offering the Deal. If this causes you any worries please contact us or the business listing the deal to discuss any worries you may have. The vouchers we supply through our website are evidence of payment for, the deal or service you have brought. Every single voucher carries a unique number which must be quoted when dealing with Us or the Busines. The voucher must be taken with you when you wish to redeem the goods or use the service. Once used the voucher has been used it will become expired and will no longer be able to be used. Once a deal has been brought it cannot be exchanged or refunded. If you use this service then You shall accept responsibility for any transaction made through your account. If you click buy on a deal, you are governed to make the purchase using your own card details, if you are not using your card details you must make sure you have the permission of the card owner you use. By buying a deal you will pass your credit or debit card details to our payment processing provider. You must ensure that the details you provide of your credit or debit card are correct, and that there are adequate funds in place to buy the deal. If your payment details change it is your responsibility to inform us at contact@cideals.com. If you fail to supply correct credit or debit card details or update your card details we reserve the right to cancel your purchase, and charge you any charges our payment provider has for any chargebacks caused by a fault of your own. We Thankyou for taking the time to read our terms and conditions, we hope all who visit and use our website benefit from the service we provide, we will do our best to make sure all content on this site is up to date and correct, if you have any issues with our website or you disagree with any of our policies then please do not use our website. Enjoy the deals and if you have any questions get in touch at contact@cideals.com

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