Ninja wallet tool (18 tools in 1)

£4.99 including FREE delivery!!

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    Ninja wallet tool (18 tools in one)
    £4.99 including FREE delivery to the Channel Islands
    Credit card size, conveniently fits in your wallet.
    Bottle opener
    Can opener
    Letter opener
    Phone stand
    Box cutter
    3 x screwdrivers
    6 x hex nuts and bolts removal

    The Wallet Ninja is the ideal gadget for the every day warrior. 18 tools are included in one nifty gadget to help you tackle life’s little challenges on a daily basis.
    1.5mm of four times heat treated steel – will never rust or bend
    Approved by the TSA so safe to carry on flights


  • 18 tools in 1
  • Credit card size
  • Fine Print:

  • May buy multiples
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